This page lists all the ways you can format a piece of text.

Note that that you can combine any number of formatting. For example...

  • bold + italic = bold-italic.
'''bold''' + ''italic'' = '''''bold-italic'''''

  • bold + italic = bold-italic
<b>bold</b> + <i>italic</i> = <b><i>bold-italic</b></i>

  • big + bold = big-bold.
<big>big</big> + '''bold''' = <big>'''big-bold'''</big>

  • centered textboldsuperscriptsubscript of superscriptsubscript of text
<div align="center">{{Color|red|centered text}}<sup><b>bold</b>superscript<sub>subscript of superscript</sub></sup><sub>subscript of text</sub></div> 
  • etc.

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