Work in progress
Work in progressCover these tasks with How to pages:
  • Delete images.
  • Undo deletes.
  • Merge page histories.
  • Review pages.
    • Mark work in progress.
    • Award users for their contributions.
    • Featured articles.

Some user have been granted the user right Content moderator on the wiki. This user right comes with the responsibility to structure the content of the wiki. By structuring the content, it will become easier for the users of the wiki to find the right piece of content. This page explain how you can do that.

Although every wiki is different, they all have pages about:

  • about "items", and
  • about "groups" of items of the same kind.

What an item can be and how they are grouped, varies from wiki to wiki. In this wiki, for example, the items are basic tasks like How to delete a page and How to protect a page and the groups are the more complex tasks like [How to manage a wiki].

Making item pagesEdit

Work in progress
Work in progress
  • Every item on its own page.
  • Template or MoS?
  • Infobox or smartbox?

Making item group pagesEdit

Categories are used to group the pages in the wiki. Default on every wiki is the Category Content all pages about the subject of the wiki should be in this category, directly or indirectly, using subcategories.

At the bottom of the page the category or categories a page is in, are listed. This page, for example, is in the category Content.

Work in progress
Work in progress
  • Don't use subpages to structure the wiki
    • -Long page names
    • -Single structure
    • +Path displayed a top of page

Maintaining item pagesEdit

Work in progress
Work in progress
  • Rename a page.
  • Add, remove or modify a category.

Maintaining item group pagesEdit

Work in progress
Work in progress
  • Rename a category.