This article is about how to add files to pages. Were you looking for Upload Image?

Files, mostly refered to as Pictures or Images, can add some flare to otherwise boring or long pages. There is one code to load a file.

Wiki MarkupEdit



That is the most basic File code. To use, replace ToCpic with the file name and .png with the file extension.


The result of the basic code.

Modify SizeEdit

To modify the size of the picture, add |?px after the file extension (.png above). Change ? to the size you want the picture to be. The minimum is 1, and there is no maximum. The Pixel extension looks like this:


Once again, replace the 200 with the size that you want, ToCpic with the file name, and .png with the extension.

Modify PositionEdit

You may want to modify the position of the picture, and there are three options for doing so.
To position the picture on the left side of the screen, use:


To position the picture on the right side of the screen, use:


To position the picture in the center of the screen, use:


To use, replace ToCpic with the name of the file and .png with its extension.

Text BelowEdit



To add text below a picture, you need to add the |frame tag and then |TEXT.


The example for the above code can be found at the right of this section. To use, replace ToCpic with the name of the file, .png with its extension and TEXT with whatever you want the text to say.

Linking With PicturesEdit


Files can be used as links. This way, when a user clicks the image, they are taken to another page.

[[File:ToCpic.png|right|link=Wiki Markup Wiki]]

More InfoEdit

After the file name and extension, one of each tag can be added. Example:


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