How to Color text

Step Action
1 Find the color template. If you cannot find it, go to a different wiki and copy and paste the template over to the wiki you want.
2 Use the color template by using this: {{Color|<Color of Text>|<Text>}} replacing <Color of Text> with the color you want, and replacing <Text> with the text you want to be Colored.
3 Preview the page to make sure it is what you want and then save.

Example: color text
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Color TextEdit

A summary of this page:
You can color text using <div style="font-size:?pt;color:?;">TEXT</div>.
This article is about how to color text with HTML. Were you looking for HEX Colors?

Color Text is a way to write words or sentences in different colors. It can be used in various ways in both Wiki Markup and HTML code.


Color is often used in text, and the easiest way to do it is with a Divider class.

<div style="font-size:?pt;color:?;">TEXT</div>

To use this code, change the first ? to the font size you want, and change the second ? to the color that you want.


<div style="font-size:12pt;color:red;">TEXT</div>
<div style="font-size:12pt;color:#FF0000;">TEXT</div>

Both of these give you:


Second wayEdit

There is also another way to color text:

<span style="color:red;">TEXT</span>


<span style="color:#FFFF00;">TEXT</span>


<span style="color:rgb(255, 0, 0);">TEXT</span>

Both of these give you: <span style="color:#FFFF00;">TEXT</span>

For ease of use, this Wiki has a color template you can use to make coloring text easier.


These codes create a red Text. You can change the color by replacing red to another color, like green or blue. You can also change the color by replacing red with a HEX-Value. With this method, you got more possible colors to use.