• Minato826

    Admin Promotion Request

    October 8, 2016 by Minato826

    Hello Admins and Fandom users, It was indeed a pleasure to edit this wikia nearly a week. It was helpful to know and learn Wiki text codes I never had idea of and I want to do best by improving articles. This is my assurance and I hope you can help me bring it to reality. So I decided to adopt this wikia  to give wikia a stable admin/bureaucrat, If anybody have disagreement to this adoption  please comment below I would like to know your expectations.

    About Me

    I am visiting wikia since 2012, started editing around 2014 and I am normally active as visit wikia/Fandom's Community Central daily to view/ respond to some adoption requests and also assist user requests within my knowledge. I hope you will consider my adoption and comment your like/dis…

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