This article is a Walkthrough where you can learn how to make colored userpages. This walkthrough will lead you through the steps to use the userpage template.

Step 1 Edit

Find the Userpage template. If you cannot find it, go to a different wiki and copy and paste the template over to the wiki you want.

Step 2 Edit

Adding the following code on the page:

{{Userpage|<font color>|<background color>}}

Step 3 Edit

Add the colors you want by replacing <fontcolor> with the color of the text you want, and replacing <backgroundcolor> with the color you want the background to be. (Try not to make the colors match, like blue and light blue.)

Step 4 Edit

Preview the page to make sure it is what you want and then save.

Code Edit

If you can't use the Template you can use this Code:


ColorUserpageBarnstarDeleteChange user rightsUploading ImagesAdding CategoriesStubWarn

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