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Welcome to the Wiki Markup Wiki, A guide to wikitext and free online reference site for MediaWiki markup, based on MediaWiki.

We currently have 81 articles.

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Things to Do

If you're new to wikis, be sure to check out Wikia's great tutorial here. You can then help us by improving on our existing pages, such as making our pages more professional and expanding its contents. You can also contribute to us by spreading the news of our presence, and help us attract more people who could help us with the task.

We need
  • Help us create and expand pages. (Use the box below to create pages.)

*To look at all pages that have been created, please see Special:AllPages.


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Featured Articles
This week's featured article is Template!

You can help us decide the Featured Article on the Project:Featured Article page!

Pages we need:

  • Template Walkthroughs
  • Any pages on code that isn't already covere
  • Wanted Pages

Pages that need to be improved:

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