Project: ReBoot was started by Ajraddatz on November 12th, 2009. This project was made to get this wiki active again.

Current Project: Users (Week 1)Edit

This weeks project is to get more users active here. The goal is about 50 edits per day, in total.

Project: Namespace (Week 2)Edit

Create many pages under Wiki Markup Wiki: including policies, and humour pages.

What you can doEdit

If you want to, feel free to put this code

[[w:c:wikimarkup|<span class="plainlink" title = "This user is an Wiki Markup Wiki user!" style="
border-top:thin solid Blue;
border-left:thin solid Blue;
border-bottom:thin solid Blue;
border-right:thin solid Blue;

Which results in: @WikiMarkupWiki

For those with non-templated sigs, you can put


in their sigs. The result is @WikiMarkupWiki.

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